Surf Yoga Workshop - Saturday, May 28. Time: 2pm-4pm

8 May 2016 9:41 PMMiami Yoga Room
Surf Yoga Workshop - Saturday, May 28.    Time:  2pm-4pm

Train like a surfer! The Surf Yoga Worksop will focus on three commonly overused areas in surfers - the shoulders, lower back and core.

Participants will be led through a range of vinyasa-style flow sequences to warm up the body and to activate, engage and prepare to move into deeper stretches and strength building postures. Each sequence will be coupled with a pranayama (breathing) exercise - a type of rhythmic meditation - to help bring awareness to the breath, increase lung capacity, and calm the mind.
You will be guided through sequences focussed at:
-   Upper back, shoulders and chest
-   Lower back and hips
-   Deeper core and balance
The physical practice of yoga is much more than simply being strong or flexible, and this workshop encourages the development of a deeper awareness of proprioception and conscious actions of the body. This helps to improve posture, prevent injury, and encourage stronger more controlled movements - both in and out of the water.
Keeping a strong focus on the correct alignment of postures for safe progression to deeper asanas, this workshop is suitable for all levels of yogi or surfing enthusiast (but you need not be a super to participate!).
Please bring your own towel, and ensure that you have finished eating at least one hour before the workshop. Catch you on the mat.
All levels welcome.  $30 (members) $40 (non- members).
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