Gentle Yoga is ideal for anyone new to yoga or looking for a slow moving class. This class focuses on the foundation postures, finding alignment, and building awareness of the breath.  Gentle yoga stretches, strengthens and balances the body, as well as calms the mind.



Yin yoga moves at a much slower pace than dynamic vinyasa based yoga. It focuses on stretching ligaments and connective tissues to increase flexibility and invoke a deep sense of calm. Poses are held for 3 to 5 minutes with the aid of props such as blankets, blocks and bolsters. There is a strong meditative element to this style of yoga, which will leave you feeling refreshed, renewed and restored.



This class is Vinyasa style, and focuses on the synchronisation of breath and movement. Moving through series of postures develops strength, flexibility and mental discipline in the practitioner. Yoga Flow has many benefits that reach beyond the yoga mat and into daily life.




This class offers a combination of vinyasa / flow, myofascial release techniques and breath-work to warm and open the body.



This is a slightly more rigorous class with demanding postures that will have you moving, breathing and sweating. Vinyasa Yoga focuses on building and engaging core strength, and harnessing the breath to move into more advanced postures. This class will leave you de-stressed and energized.



As the name suggests, this class caters to students of all ages and stages. In General Yoga students practise foundation postures and work towards more advanced postures, including backbends and inversions. Students who are relatively new to yoga can practice level 1 postures, while students who have been on the mat a little longer can practice level 2 and 3. There is a strong focus on alignment in postures and the benefits that the postures provide.



Ashtanga yoga is a practice passed down from Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. In this class, students practice an exact sequence of postures, which are outlined in six different series. The series start with sun salutations, which prepare the body for stronger postures later in the series. Ashtanga is a strong practice for dedicated students who want to go deeper towards enlightenment.



Yin and Meditation is designed to make students become more mindful, connected and aware. It is a restorative and meditative practice that nurtures the body and deepens mental strength. Using props such as bolsters, blocks and blankets enables the body to gently stretch and open within a pose allowing for deep and therapeutic relaxation. Moving slowly, poses are held for long periods in order to get deep into the connective tissue. Meditating is intertwined throughout the practice along with yogic philosophy and mindfulness. This class will finish in stillness, allowing for deep self reflective meditation either seated or lying down. This practice is suitable for all, from beginners to experienced.




This class will incorporate different breathing techniques, pranayama, as well as seated meditation to enhance stillness in the mind.