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A circle of love, a safe space exclusively for women, an invitation to be open and vulnerable, to heal, to grow and to support each other.

This Women's Circle includes:

Group Meditation.

Exercises to increase your self-esteem.

Journaling: the main topics on this circle are self-expression and how it is connected  to sensuality and sexuality.

Neon Body Painting: We are all unique artists, and on this occasion we will use our sisters’ bodies and our own as a canvas.   

Sensual yoga flow:  This practice is all about reconnecting with yourself and cultivating your awareness. When you consciously listen and respect your body and mind, you know what truly makes you feel good about yourself. Forget about what you look like. Surrender to your body and enjoy the feeling of freedom.

Wear something that makes you feel comfortable, sexy and empowered. Bear in mind that we will be painting on our torsos and backs. For example, you could wear a black crop top. If you are comfortable, you are welcome to wear nothing on top. I will be! 

If you feel like it, you can bring something to add to the altar, such as crystals, mala beads, rocks, shells, flowers.. etc)

This is a safe space for women to be themselves without judgement. Come and let your hair down and let your inner goddess free! We hope to create a space that amplifies our energy of connection and shared intention to become one with the divine feminine within.


Venue:             Miami Yoga Room, 1924 Gold Coast Highway, Miami QLD 4220

Time:                6:00pm – 8:30pm. Please Arrive 10 minutes before to make sure we start on time.

Investment:      $35

What to bring:  Open Mind, Water Bottle, Yoga Mat, Journal & Pen, Towel to Remove Paint