Miami Yoga Room does its best to provide a relaxing and supportive environment for all its members to practice at their own pace.  We encourage all members to be mindful of each other and we would appreciate the following points to be considered to ensure the best experience for all.  


Before class and what to bring

  • arrive hydrated
  • refrain from eating 1-2 hours before class
  • wear comfortable active wear  (e.g. leggings, shorts, singlets, crop tops)
  • bring your own mat or borrow a studio mat (blocks, straps and bolsters are provided)
  • filtered water is available 


Miami Yoga Room Etiquette –

  • arrive at least 5-10 minutes before class
  • please be mindful of noise if there is a class in session
  • print your name on the sign-on sheet and scan at reception
  • please remove shoes and place them under the bench seats before entering the yoga room
  • remember to turn off your mobile phone
  • inform your teacher of injuries, limitations or pregnancy to make sure your practice is safe
  • please spray your mat before leaving the studio and return straps, bolsters or blocks to the shelves
  • most importantly, be kind to yourself and your body